Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Favoritism to some, undeserved penalties to many?

ObamaCare defines injustice.  Favoritism to some, undeserved penalties to many?  Some more equal than others?  Yes, how penalties and payments will be allocated under ObamaCare which is not an affordable act, practice the sin of injustice.
As a lighter counterpoint, in World War II, the mighty ship, HMS Hood, burned 1 ton of oil every ½ mile and shot 4 shells at 1600 MPH.  It sunk just like its enemy the Bismark.
What 2 lesson can be learned here? Some animals are more equal than others? Some animals should not be more equal than other? OR, the government should not determine that some people are more equal than others ( and those lessors are supported by their superiors)?      


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