Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Why do people evaluate pets on the basis of personality when people don’t value each other on the content of character?   What strikes one’s fancy or what outwardly appeals to an individual may,  first influence the selection of a pet, but then behavior and personality enter the picture.  How you evaluate your chosen life partner,  depends upon on personality and companionability. After adoption and adaptation, a pet interjects itself into every aspect of daily living and enters discussion based on distinctive personality traits, quirks and tricks.
Since every being enters life with unique patterning, neither pets nor people can be regarded as clones.  And pets cannot evaluate their own appearance nor dictate their inherited behavior patterns.  For people, however, the content of a pet’s character, not the color of a coat or individual structure wins  minds and hearts.  Appearance fades as emotional attachment grows in the owner.
Do we judge people on the basis of appearance because of our inherited ability to self-identify?  Animals driven simply by biological urges cannot evaluate other creatures that strike their fancy.  Homo sapiens, supposedly wiser, ought to place character over physicality.  Why do we so often and so miserably fail?


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