Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Obama’s Crisis of Competence

TWEET OF THE DAY: Obamacare was so popular it had to be passed in the dead of night and delayed until after two elections.

AFTER THE 2014 ELECTIONS, IN OTHER WORDS: White House delays employer mandate requirement until 2015.

ObamaCare’s Success Depends On The Young Being Stupid.
TO BE FAIR, BANKING ON THAT HAS WORKED PRETTY WELL FOR THEM SO FAR: Investor’s Business Daily: ObamaCare’s Success Depends On The Young Being Stupid.

IOWAHAWK: You know who really feels stupid right now? All those people who bribed the White House for Obamacare waivers. Suckers

WHAT’S HIS CARBON FOOTPRINT? Obama’s 2013 Air Force One bill $24 million — $6.5 million for Africa alone.
Already Obama, just back from a trip with his family and a huge entourage of staff to several African nations, has run up a $15.2 million bill just for Air Force One in the first six months of 2013. Security and hotel costs can dwarf the jet's cost. Some estimates of the president's Africa trip alone top $100 million.

NATIONAL JOURNAL: Obama’s Crisis of Competence: The White House seems more comfortable stage-managing the news than dealing with the uncomfortable crises that inevitably crop up. Ya think?


GREEN DEATH: 14,000 Abandoned Wind Turbines in the USA.
The US experience with wind farms has left over 14,000 wind turbines abandoned and slowly decaying, in most instances the turbines are just left as symbols of a dying Climate Religion, nowhere have the Green Environmentalists appeared to clear up their mess or even complain about the abandoned wind farms.
The truth is: wind energy is just a tax scam. Ben Lieberman, a senior policy analyst focusing on energy and environmental issues for the Heritage Foundation, is not surprised. He asks:
"If wind power made sense, why would it need a government subsidy in the first place? It's a bubble which bursts as soon as the government subsidies end."


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