Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Farmers oppressed by an overweening state

Farmers oppressed by an overweening state

WELL, OKAY THEN: Obama: “The government is us, and we’re doing things right.” If by “us” he means “a collection of rent-seekers and power junkies,” and if by “doing things right” he means “sucking unmolested at the federal teat,” then he’s basically right.

THE 21ST CENTURY DUST BOWL: “I can fight the bugs, I can fight the lack of rain, but when the guy comes with a clipboard what are you going to do?” There’s always tar and feathers, pour encourager les autres, the traditional remedy of farmers oppressed by an overweening state. But I suppose we haven’t quite come to that yet. Have we?
Posted at 11:47 pm by Glenn Reynolds

Do we remember when Obama soared about an end to lobbyists in government, the cessation of the revolving door, or the new transparency?

Imagine if a skeptic in 2009 had rejoined: “No, your IRS will ruin its reputation by crude efforts to punish enemies and ensure you reelection. No, your State Department will lie about four American deaths to ensure that a silly fiction about a video preserves the re-election myth of al-Qaeda on the run and Libya on the mend. No, your NSA will be exposed as a vast spying octopus, as the most delicate national security secrets are revealed abroad, and by a two-bit, high-school dropout hacker who earned six figures as he outsmarted the NSA’s best and brightest. No, your own Justice Department will monitor the private communications of the Associated Press, as your attorney general lies about such surveillance in the manner that your director of national intelligence lies while under oath about the activities of the NSA.” Barack Obama, not Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, engineered all that.


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