Friday, May 31, 2013



Bocage? How to cut through the impenetrable hedges in Normandy, 1944?  Sherman tanks fitted with hedge utters slashed through the bocage with rugged tusks designed by GIs and fabricated with angle-iron salvaged from German beach obstacles.  How long did it take for welders and virtually all of the oxygen acetylene cylinders in England ( flown into Normandy ) in an assembly line in St. Jean-de-Daye to turn out 300 cutters?   2 days.  My God! 2 days. Name a spectacular, entrepreneurial something we can accomplish now in 2 days?  2 days.  I the past 2 days, the politically correct media and our crazy culture can destroy the reputation of Gordon Gee, President of OSU over a joke. Really!   Ho, ho ho!


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