Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the day to decorate the graves of the fallen, but how about a few words on  ‘siwashes’ who have traditionally be subjected to prejudice. ‘Siwashes’ ( a phonetic pronunciation) were savages ( ½ Alaskan Indians,  ½ American Indians, ½  Southern slaves, perhaps even Southern slave-holders, you too can name them).  They traditionally felt the sting of  prejudice from their betters.  ‘Siwashes’ run amok nowadays as Muslim terrorists. No ½ bred background, just perversion of their Muslim Faith that has led and is leading to savagery and barbarism. True savagery and barbarism - not the misunderstood concept of ‘siwash’ in by-gone days.

On Memorial day, of course, we honor the dead.  Yet all dead at the hands of Muslim jihadists are also dead.  Let’s say a prayer for them today too.  Until American politicians reform their leadership from that of the philosopher Lao Tzu who believed that a ruler should fill the people’s stomachs and empty their heads - America is doomed to suffer at the hands of evil, terrorist ‘siwashes’ of every color and creed.  America the beautiful and bountiful could be no more!


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