Thursday, November 29, 2007

Judging Character

Does my country need me? You bet! If elected, my vice-President would be selected at random from my local phone book. I owe my community a lot over the past 30 years. To quote a professor of business, "experience is not without value. But judgment, fed by solid character, should determine the choice of our next president. "

I think making judgments based on common sense is easy when examples of insanity, irrationality and just plain goofiness are everywhere. As President, I intend to plant a revolution against the status quo and watch the pretty flower of common sense grow and bloom.

Sustainability, carbon credits and expensive alternative energies? I judge them a waste of money. Politically-correct, unreal crises make no sense but sell to gullible millions. I judge that six foot nine and six foot ten basketball players that are "thick, beefy or exhibiting "baby fat," prove there is no obesity epidemic or hunger in America. I judge that a Rock for Tots charity concert and auction, already around for 22 years that raises about $20,000 for Christmas gifts for "needy children," might be unnecessary (needy children being non-existent), but the feel good factor is better than feeling bad at the time of Christ’s birth, the occasion of the ultimate gift to humanity. I judge that athletic coaches are in a class by themselves, repugnant to the literate, with statements such as "His dad been coach," but at least they set an example to youth by remaining outside the drug and alcohol culture. I judge that the Wellness Program mandated for public schools is another waste of taxpayers’ money. The meals follow the Federal guidelines but still cater to the tastes of youth. Whole milk, the staple of growth, has been eliminated. Menu selections grossly outnumber anything considered reasonable. Food selections by the Food Service Director and a pamphlet called Nutrition Nuggets by the school principal beat the dead horse of better eating habits. What happened to the mythical Unicorn that represents the right to free choice? I wish that the Unicorn could thrust his horn in the appropriate place on the body of government and jettison it with all of its health initiatives which are nothing but pure, social engineering. I judge Kevin Rudd, newly elected Prime Minister of Australia to be an ‘idiot’ as a leader, when he states that his #1 priority will be global warming. Unfortunately I am not able to judge how many devotees he will garner in his country or how many peons he will receive from the rest of the world. I judge that Mr. Abbas and Mr. Olmert are dreamers. If Hamas continues to protest a peace settlement and refuses to end its death threats and saber-rattling against Israel, how can two idealistic leaders hope to sustain an accord?

Slanted news, silly Presidential debates, filicide, gang murders, phoney causes, illegals, under-reported heroics, mis-interpreted economics - each needs a reality check. A judgment. When I judge our present cultural milieu, I try to inject common sense in my conclusion after I determine the facts. Judgment of my character is up to God.


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