Sunday, November 29, 2015

Are we poor? Are we hungry? Are we underpaid

Another storm system coming?  No, according to a news reporter, “more energy is arriving.”  A rise in cyber Monday sales?  No, a “spike in on-line surges ( redundant).” To heck with the English language today, from football players, to coaches, to newscasters, to students, to Professors, to our President ( who has his special version of ISIS called ISIL. ????

Are we poor?  Are we hungry?  Are we underpaid? No, no, no. Facebook has extended parental-leave to 4 ( 4!!!) months for all employees globally which means more time off mostly for fathers and same-sex couples outside the U.S.  Facebook joins the idiot bandwagon already rolling along from Amazon, Netflix  and Microsoft. Profit and privilege are thus used not in the market place, but on a politically correct (wasteful and discriminatory) agenda. 


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