Saturday, August 08, 2015

the abomination of murders by Planned Parenthood

Brilliant insight from Rush Limbaugh re: Thurs. 1st Presidential candidates’ (10) debate – that no where was the Democrat party blamed for the ruination of our country, its downhill spiral under Barack Obama. A few mentions of Hellary, of course, but no blame where the blame should be…

Suggestion #1 regarding Thursday’s Presidential hopefuls’ debate:  Right out of the gate, 1st person to be addressed should have said I protest the abomination of murders by Planned Parenthood. Who will raise their hand with me to expose this liberal, Democrat horror?

Suggestion #2 regarding the present Atlanta, GA. Red-State Gathering convention of Presidential hopefuls:  Right out of the gate, the 1st speaker and each speaker thereafter, should offer thanks to Donald the Trumpster for putting Republicans center stage in the 1st debate with largest viewing audience ever, and shining a spotlight on the total transformation of America under the Obama administration.  Also spotlight the disgust Americans now feel as we slide slowly to Gomorrah.  Where would we be without his outrageous Political Incorrectness?  


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