Saturday, June 27, 2015

Amen, brother!

            Amen, brother!

The greatest performance of his career – Obama’s funeral eulogy to Rev. Pinckney in Charleston, So. Carolina.  Unfolded, unbelievable speech.  From this performance, we must admit now that we Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians and all ideological enemies  of the left– can never win. We can never pull off such moving and appealing contradiction and hypocrisy with an appeal to God’s grace.  Might as well admit that liberal falsehood becomes clear when you see that liberals’ efforts to help other people and do good in this world are based upon no belief in an afterlife. Therefore, it’s simple to validate Nannyism in this life.  Doing good and feeling good about it is what matters. Flip the coin, however, to see that liberals do not personally practice what they advocate and preach – just the opposite, a selfish life here and now is justified because no accounting will take place in the next.  Wow!  The exclamation point behind this realization is that right reason and abstract truth have no appeal for liberals because feelings of love are all that matter.  Congratulations Barack for a job well done.  Whoever can move people from truth to falsehood –is a genius. Watch the C-Span eulogy.  


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