Thursday, November 21, 2013

Delusions of 'True Believers"

    A writer’s great-great grandfather had been a soldier with Napoleon in Russia.  Napoleon had been the  inspiration of his younger days but eventually the cause of his ruin. Not only did he lose his heath during the retreat from Moscow ( he was lucky to come back alive at all) but financially, too, it meant his ruin.  His business was gone and he was obliged to begin all over again to make a living for his family in a country exhausted by20 yrs. of French domination.
   Did this old, broken man loose his faith in Napoleon?  Heck no.  He would criticize Napoleon  for mistakes he made during the latter half of his career, but he would always insist that if he were given the chance again, he would do exactly what he had done the 1st time.  Besides, the Emperor knew best.  Sometimes Napoleon was badly advised;  he was betrayed by those who were supposed to be his friends.  He should have known moderation but ... he was the Emperor!
   Does this tale not ring true for true believers of Obama?


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