Monday, November 11, 2013


‘Pain is temporary; quitting lasts forever.’  A truth like this cries for a historical reminder from “Philip Dru, Administrator,”  Pres. Woodrow Wilson’s favorite novel about politics.  In the book, a devious Senator manipulates American democratic elections by focusing efforts and money on just a thousand swing voters in each district in twelve key states and then finding out everything necessary to persuade, cajole and bribe them to vote the ‘right’ way. This was the way to win elections, not running a wasteful national campaign of ideas, but appealing to the baser instincts and vanity of a few voters who really matter.  When was this novel written?  1912.

Now, 1913, the same Philip Dru tactics are in play by liberal Democrats. We should take to heart the lesson of 1912,   that liberals ( socialists, Communists, progressives - you name the evil of the left),  NEVER QUIT.  

The pain they cause today  by their very political and cultural efforts to destroy our freedoms and everyday lives, might be temporary in the relative sense but to quit our struggle against them is immoral and inhuman.  Individual freedom is our God-given gift.


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