Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Warning, warning...

    Warning, warning...

   “My own count of our war effort  in Vietnam showed 68 Americans wounded in action and 27 killed in action to date ( we sent our first MAAG representatives down here in 1957).”   Oh really?  When journalist, reporter and diarist Richard Tregaskis spoke in 1962,  he could not know where America would go wrong as the death toll rose for years in Vietnam. Approximately 60,000 dead in the final count.
    The death tolls of the horror 9-11 ( and Benghazi) pale in comparison but who knows where we are heading under world-wide Al-Qaida terrorism so unlike the Communism of the Viet Cong.      Especially now that the ‘modern’ Communist, Putin has solved the Syrian chemical warfare situation and Communist Kim Jong Un has become a ‘friend’ of Dennis Rodman.  


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