Saturday, September 07, 2013


   Gangs from Missouri that supported the Confederacy and raided Kansas were known as Bushwhackers; their counterparts in Kansas, called Jayhawkers, brought death and destruction in to Missouri.  Aug. 21, 1863, 450 men of Quantrill’s Raiders entered Lawrence, Kansas, where they killed more than 150 men and boys and burned down 182 buildings and departed with anything of value they could carry away.  So... what’s new?
   North vs. South.  Sunni vs. Shiite. Al-Qaida vs. Muslim Brotherhood. Jihadists vs. Christians.  Tutsis vs. Hutus. Serbs vs. Croats. Liberals  vs. conservatives.  Supply raping; remove raping. Add beheading, subtract beheading.  Lies masquerading as truth. War is Hell is the normal way of life.
   The anniversary of Sept. 11th, 2001 again approaches.  Make of it what you will. A day of service will change nothing until you change minds and hearts.  Ho,Ho,Ho!.    


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