Thursday, September 05, 2013


You should take more seriously Mr. Coase’s warnings against hyperactive government – perhaps by pondering his wise admonition that ”To ignore the government’s poor performance of its present duties when deciding on whether it should or should not take on new duties is obviously wrong.”*
Why do you suppose that the same government that fails so regularly at home will succeed abroad?  What reason, do tell, justifies government humility only in domestic affairs or only for bureaucracies not housed in pentagon-shaped buildings?
Donald J. Boudreaux
Professor of Economics

Plus: The Magical, Mysterious, Disappearing Obama Red Line.
YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S NOT THERE: McClatchy: Many in Middle East struggling to understand Obama’s Syria policy.

I IMAGINE A LOT OF BUSH ALUMNI ARE LAUGHING UP THEIR SLEEVES: Democrats Dragooned Into Supporting War: The president relies on party loyalty, not policy arguments.
Chris Matthews of MSNBC, who served on Capitol Hill for years as a top Democratic aide, put the party’s dilemma in stark terms on Wednesday: “I think the Democrats are going to be forced to sacrifice men and women who really, really don’t want to vote for this. They’re going to have to vote for it to save the president’s hide. That’s a bad position to put your party in.”

One reason it’s especially awkward is that on the substance, the White House isn’t doing well.

Related: Professor Or Not, Obama Repeatedly Flunks Constitutional Law Tests.

MOCKERY ENSUES: U.S. Sen. Ed Markey votes `present’ on key Syria resolution.


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