Friday, September 13, 2013

“Drink Up”

   “Drink Up”

    Dipping down into the Viet Nam war in 1962, I quote from an Army Capt. who  said: “My rationale is pretty standard.  This is the point where we chose to draw the line.  I agree that the line  had to be drawn here. I didn’t have any hand in choosing it, but if they chose this one, more power to them.”  What happened subsequent to 1962 after the line was drawn in the fight against Communism?  Death and destruction, disgust and disengagement in due course.
    Now we have Michelle Obama’s “Drink up” initiative. It’s time to draw another red line against liberal insanity.  How can we ( they) drink more water when they ( we ) have already swallowed the ‘Kool-Aid’ by electing Barack Obama and his nanny Muchelle?  Michelle should pitch this politically-correct and agenda-driven nonsense about taking in more water drinking to instead encourage conscientious citizens to pitch their water bottles and  help the poor in other nations obtain fresh, safe drinking water.  How about this rhyming couplet expressing  (I’m sure) most Americans’ sentiments on this latest insanity.
 “Give up this water bottle crap/
                           And drink safely out of the tap.”
    Any  “red line” drawn by Obama  means nothing. When a Viet Nam village held an election in 1962, the people being illiterate, chose between either a sugar cane candidate or a spade.
Hopefully, in 2014 voters choosing  between the water bottle and the gun, make the sane choice.


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