Saturday, July 20, 2013

Believe no study

Believe no study

“Former smokers earn higher wages than smokers and people who have never smoked,” according to new research.   Believe no study because a study not only studies a foregone conclusion to advance an agenda, but also contradicts reality.  Using data - which you can’t believe from the Tobacco Use Supplement to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey - we are told that smoking  “erodes the value of your human capital in the labor market.”

Really? No! Does Pablo Picasso immediately enter your mind?  A long-lived,  inveterate, lifelong philanderer and smoker who died at 92, Picasso’s value in the labor market has been profound, not to mention his status as “human capital.”  Millions of dollars ( perhaps billions over the years) have purchased Picasso sketches, paintings and sculptures  regardless of the fact that his artistic creations distort and defy verisimilitude. A curator has gone so far as to claim “Picasso is the greatest sculptor of the 20th century.”  ( I must forget Frederic Remington when he comes into my mind).

Paintings, tobacco, sculpture, tobacco, death at ....... - Picasso and clones of creative genius  throughout history tell us to believe no study; rather study historical reality.


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