Saturday, April 21, 2012

Still Paying the Price

It’s still up to the Tea Party to stand its ground in the upcoming election. When Henry Wallace managed the passage of the Agricultural Adjustment Act ( through Congress) in 1933 in the first 100 days of FDR’s Presidency during the Depression (as part of the New Deal), it was called “the greatest single experiment in economic planning under capitalist conditions ever attempted by a democracy in times of peace.” Do you note any contradiction here? “Economic planning vs. capitalist democracy?” Well, contradiction prevailed and became quite popular. Wallace was proud of it, because he said we must “clear the wreckage before we can build, “ ... “Rub their noses in the facts.” What were these facts? 22,000 workers into 955 counties paid cotton farmers $100 million to plow under 10 million acres ( 1/3 of their crop). Dept of Ag. Employees worker around the clock to send out 88,000 checks a day to participating farmers. Was that enough of a controlling and dictating government? No, the slaughtering of pigs was not far behind... We are living with another New (Raw?) Deal under Barack Obama and his liberal Democrats that is transforming America.


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