Monday, December 28, 2015

Speaking of cultural appropriation, keep your mitts off mine.

OK, fair is fair. As a white Christian, I won’t eat halal. I won’t eat Thai. I’ll even give up General Tso, which is something I actually do eat.
Now give me back the polio vaccine. It is part of the Judeo-Christian tradition. It was developed by Jews (there are two vaccines).
Also, give back pasteurized milk.
The automobile.
The airplane.
The train.
Electricity, the Internet, skyscrapers, radio, television, and the cellphone — or any other kind of phone. Transistors, too.
Jews and Christians have done more positive good for the world than any other group.
Slavery? Don’t go there. Slavery pre-dated Christianity and even Judaism. The Indians practiced it long before Columbus arrived, and long after. The only continent that never had slavery was Antarctica. . . .
If Jews and Christians are so evil, why is the migration to our countries?
Don’t like cultural appropriation? Then get the hell off the computer.
But stay. We are Jews and Christians. We share.


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