Monday, October 12, 2015

Million Man (except Whites) March

“I don’t think Jews were running casino night,” are words from Glenn Beck in response to a speaker at the Million Man (except Whites) March in Washington this last Saturday, Oct. 10., 2015 castigating racist America for its treatment of Native Americans. Even an ‘insane’ Evangelist will sometime get it right. Glenn’s off-the-cuff observation that even Indians on reservations did not have it as bad as Jews in concentrations camps speaks truth to power.  Who could have suspected Glenn capable of a rational moment?  AND speaking of Glenn, who in my book is a shameful, elitist, disgusting snob ( whose ego rivals Obama’s) – tell me how he can play ‘Moron on Trivia’ on Fridays on his radio show and have a clear conscience.  He delights in ridiculing normal, ignorant, working stiffs who put up with his snide and patronizing commentaries.  Shame, shame, shame thy name is Glenn.      


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