Sunday, December 07, 2014

“Pants up; don’t loot.”

Actually, many blacks have never been down for the struggle (except for wearing their pants down). Some clever person recently put a sign over an overpass: “Pants up; don’t loot.” This tells us that except for falling britches, too many blacks have never been down for the struggle.  If they had, since the 1960’s (for over 50 yrs.) under Pres. Johnson’s great welfare society initiative, they would have struggled to not accept welfare, struggled to sacrifice by putting budgeted foods on their tables, struggled to look for work or take any menial job rather than government money from their fellow citizens, struggled to educate themselves in schools despite poor teachers or curricula, struggled to restrain themselves from crime, struggled to maintain respect for the law ( even under unjust conditions), struggle to keep out of jail, struggled to keep the commandments of  God.  No, today the buzz word is ‘relationships,’ an appealing but meaningless word from leftist, liberal propaganda designed to deflect attention from the genuine problem  - the struggle for to lead a better life.    


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