Friday, March 28, 2014

‘dog whistle’ for hearing a preconceived notion

For liberals, any truth becomes a ‘dog whistle’ for hearing a preconceived notion of liberal prejudice.  Truth and facts are never heard for what they are but triggers for liberal paranoia.

½ billion $ for 300 jobs at the Ford auto Lima, OH plant making ECO engines.  Efficiency?

Here’s a suggestion from a Southern newspaper to the people of Crimea ( and/or Ukraine).  After the defeat of Confederates at Cape Hatteras inlet, North Carolina in 1861 when one of their states was occupied by the Union,  the newspaper comments:
   “...we earnestly and devoutly hope, that ... the mosquitoes in that section may grow in numbers and size; that the winds may increase in volume and fury; and that the infamous invader may be phlebotomized and scattered until there is not one left to desecrate the soil which they have so ruthlessly invaded.”