Wednesday, January 29, 2014

True State of our Union

    True State of our Union

   Forget the laundryman’s speech. Hear instead from a real American who says her propane gas  shipment was cut in ½..  What does she do?  She turns her thermostat down to 68 degrees. She says that her “kids prefer to wear tank tops and shorts in January at 72 degrees, but... I’m paying the bills.”  TANK TOPS AND SHORTS INDOORS IN WINTER?  Only Australians (at 100 degrees outdoors) wear them in winter.  If at 72 degrees they can wear TANK TOPS AND SHORTS, how much of a sacrifice and how many more clothes are necessary for them to be comfortable at 68 degrees?  Yes, this is the true state of our union. What adjective would you put to it?  Indulgent?  Obviously, no present parenting skills require common sense behavior or conservative bromides. Americans help other Americans during times of emergencies all the time, but  these same Americans have no idea what to teach each other or their children about waste of money and conservation of resources.  
   How does this relate to our Laundryman who encourages ‘green energy’ because of climate change?  Without Congressional action, why does Obama not just mandate 65 degrees for every American thermostat and ‘abnormals’ ( you know who you are) can just add sweats, sweatshirts, sweaters (and/or jackets) when the climate coools?  


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