Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ho,Ho,Ho, Obama’a got to go!

Ho,Ho,Ho, Obama’a got to go!

One can imagine the wily Communist Ho Chi Minh chuckling from his grave when his fellow traveler President Obama calls him “the George Washington of Vietnam.”   George and Ho had nothing in common despite an assertion from our lying, liberal leader in denial of reality and history.
America’s war with Communists in Viet Nam now ranks as phoney as recent scandals dismissed by Obama - 1. Killings in Benghazi, 2. Targeting conservatives 3. IRS engaging in politics and 4.  NSA wiretappingall Americans. Outrage or phoney, Mr. President, which reality should we believe?  Both.
Contradiction underpinned the controversy over our war in Viet Nam ( including the impossible, revisionist  idea of supporting the troops but not the war) just as it undermines any investigation or prosecution in today’s ‘phoney scandals.’      


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