Monday, June 24, 2013

The State:

The State:
There is something threatening and basically “unfair” in the very notion of the sovereign state competing with its subjects for the use of their resources – “unfair” in the simple, everyday sense of an almost obscene disproportion of size and force.
Anthony de Jasay’s 1998 “The State”

 Mike Munger summarizes perfectly the situation involving NSA snooping.  I paste below in full:
(1) what YOU don’t know can’t hurt YOU,
(2) what THEY don’t know can hurt YOU,
(3) THEY need to know what YOU know,
(4) but YOU need not know that THEY need to know,
(5) And YOU certainly do not need to know what THEY know,
(6) moreover, if YOU know THEY need to know, then the big WE can get hurt, so THEY can hide that, out of concern for YOU.
(7) And mostly, we should all care more about the big WE than anything else. Especially, the big WE is more important than YOU, or YOU, or…
Or so THEY say…
Nod to WH

And True The Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht was targeted by not only the IRS, but also the FBI, the ATF, and OSHA. (More on that here.) It’s like they don’t want anyone looking into voter fraud. Why might that be?


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