Sunday, October 07, 2012


SOCIALISM IN REALITY COLLECTIVE EFFORT TO ENSURE EVERYONE THE SAME Annika Eriksson, a lunch lady at school in Falun, Sweden was told that her cooking is just too good. Pupils at the school have become accustomed to feasting on newly baked bread and an assortment of 15 vegetables at lunchtime, but now the good times are over. The municipality has ordered Eriksson to bring it down a notch since other schools do not receive the same calibre of food - and that is "unfair". "A menu has been developed... It is about making a collective effort on quality, to improve school meals overall and to try and ensure everyone does the same," Katarina Lindberg, head of the unit responsible for the school diet scheme, told the local Falukuriren newspaper. "It has been claimed that we have been spoiled and that it's about time we do as everyone else," Eriksson said. She insisted, however, that her creative cooking has not added to the municipality's expenses. From now on, the school's vegetable buffet will be halved in size and Eriksson's handmade loafs will be replaced with store-bought bread.


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